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Hearthstone Village is based out of Mendocino County, California and it’s mission is based on volunteerism. The Blend of Mendocino County, Mexico, and Haiti have defined who we are as an organization.

Our volunteers are engaged in projects that involve frequent trips to Haiti and Mexico as well as organizing fundraisers throughout the year in Northern California. These include seasonal dinners, auctions and bake sales. To the left are photos of some the volunteers and board members contributing their time and energy to our projects.

Our volunteer handbook was written to prepare travelers for their trip to Haiti. Click here for the pdf.

More About Us

Our Mission
The mission of Hearthstone Village is to develop and maintain home based intergenerational residential communities. Hearthstone Village is dedicated to giving service by creating a nurturing environment for individuals and families in need of care and support. Inspired by Rudolph Steiner’s model of human development and social organization, these villages seek to bring healing and balance to all who reside there.
The Reveil Martinal Orphanage
Hearthstone Village in partnership with the Reveil Matinal Orphanage Foundation (RMOF) has a commitment to support the psychosocial, nutritional and educational needs of the children of the orphanage in Port au Prince, Haiti.
Tu Hogar en El Cardonal A.C.
Tu Hogar en El Cardonal A.C. is a Mexican non-profit civil association that is in partnership with Hearthstone Village. Volunteers built and manage a community center which includes a public clinic and emergency shelter in the rural community of El Cardonal, Baja Californa Sur, Mexico.

Meet Our Board of Directors

Juanita Joy Riddell
Juanita Joy RiddellPresident
Juanita-Joy began her career in 1968 with a Masters in Education as a Special Education teacher with Oakland Public Schools. In 1981 she moved to Greenfield Ranch, married Michael Riddell and raised 3 daughters. She worked for Mendocino County Office of Education for 23 years as an itinerant teacher for Physically Impaired students. In 2006 Juanita-Joy was awarded Schoolmaster Teacher of the Year, she has received an Exemplary Teacher award and was a Mentor teacher for MCOE. Before and during retirement she has traveled extensively, participated in numerous community and non profit organizations. She is currently a Board member for Tu Hogar and Hearthstone Village.
Amy Warmerdam
Amy WarmerdamSecretary
Amy is a practicing RN/ICU nurse working at Howard Hospital in Willits, California, and a mother of an adult son. She was on the original board and grant writing team for River Oak Charter School. She owns “Haiku”, an active wear boutique in Ukiah, California. Amy values her family and good food. Her favorite form of fitness is hiking with her two dogs.

Deborah Mead
Deborah MeadTreasurer
Deborah moved to Northern California 1984 with her husband, Ricardo Stocker and their children. Since that time she has worked extensively with numerous non profit organizations in Mendocino County. She was the Director of the Mendocino County AIDS Volunteer Network (MCAVN) from 1987- 2000 and during that time worked with staff, board and the Public Health Department to establish the County’s first Needle Exchange Program. From 2001 to 2006 she was the Director of the Ukiah Valley Cultural and Recreational Center and helped to raise more than 4 million dollars toward this project.
Lynn Meadows
Lynn MeadowsBoard Member
Lynn and her husband Bob Dress have been residents of Greenfield Ranch in Mendocino County since 1972. She is a Physician Assistant at Ukiah Valley Medical Center, and a retired a PA midwife. Lynn is a community organizer with current projects in the United States, Mexico and Haiti. Dedicated to service she is a co-founder of Hearthstone Village, two Waldorf Charter Schools, Tu Hogar en el Cardonal, Mendocino County Aids Volunteer Network, and the Butler Cherry Ranch Project. She loves gardening, playing with her five grandchildren, watercolor painting, and spending time at her home on the Sea of Cortez in Mexico.
Emily Frey
Emily FreyBoard Member
Emily Frey is a Physician Assistant who works at Ukiah Valley Medical Center in the emergency department and hospitalist program. Her childhood was spent in third world countries as her father worked in international public health and her mother as an author and expert in Asian art. She met her husband Luke and moved to Mendocino County in 1981 where they have a biodynamic winery and farm. They have three grown children and two grandchildren. She is bilingual in Spanish and English and enjoys hiking, reading, gardening and the turning of the seasons.
Glen Alvarez
Glen AlvarezBoard Member
Glen is a husband and father to two beautiful boys. He works in the Medical IT field at Ukiah Valley Medical Center. Glen was moved to volunteer with Hearthstone Village after the devastating earthquake in Haiti. He was born in Belize and felt a kinship to his Caribbean neighbor. He grew up in Queens and Brooklyn New York and attended Sonoma State University where he graduated with an Economics Degree.
Laura Wedderburn
Laura WedderburnBoard Member
Laura is a practicing Internal Medicine physician at Ukiah Valley Medical Center in Ukiah California. She graduated from Washington University with a degree in Chemistry with a concentration in Biochemistry in 1994 and went on to Medical School at Howard University. She completed her residency in Internal Medicine at New York Methodist Hospital in Brooklyn, NY in 2001 and moved to Northern California. Laura volunteered as a physician in Banda Ache after the 2005 tsunami and also volunteered in Haiti after the earthquake in 2010. Laura currently practices full time as a hospitalist at UVMC and is the mother of two young boys.
Nancy McGivney
Nancy McGivneyBoard Member
Nancy taught elementary school for 18 years and now works as an educational consultant with schools and teachers throughout the country. Although she lives in Ukiah, she loves the fact that she gets to travel very often and meet students and teachers from all over the United States. Trained in the latest effective research in education, she brings this talent and experience to our work with RMOF. She is bilingual in English and Spanish and is presently trying to learn French to further help in her regular visits to Haiti. Her friends know her by her family nickname Niv, yet this translates poorly into French, so the Haitians have begun to just call her Auntie Nancy
Serena Miller
Serena MillerBoard Member
Serena is a retired Waldorf specialty teacher. She was one of the original founders and boardmembers of River Oak Charter School in Ukiah and was the head of curriculum development at La Vida Charter School in Willits—both schools using Waldorf methods. She is involved in many fundraising projects at Hearthstone village and is also currently a yoga instructor and teacher if iRest Yoga Nidra meditation. Serena is a mother of four and lives with her husband in Redwood Valley, California.
Leanna Sweet
Leanna SweetBoard Member
Leanna works as an RN case manager at Ukiah Valley Medical Center. She went to Haiti after the earthquake and has returned to visit the girls several times.

Read More of What Our Volunteers Have To Say!

We appreciate all of your dedication and support for the children and families in our international communities!

I arrived in Port-au-Prince one year to the day after the devastating 2010 earthquake, the effects of which were still very much in evidence. The girls of Reveil Matinal were shy upon seeing me for the first time and perhaps a little surprised that an American visitor could speak French. Before long they were enthusiastically including me in their fun, and they do know how to sing and dance and have fun! They are all sisters to one another—a large extended family of beautiful young ladies graciously navigating the difficult circumstances they were born into.
Marilynn Boosinger, Willits, California
In August of 2013, I had the amazing experience of visiting the Reviel Matinal Girls Orphanage in Haiti. What a bright, beautiful, happy group of girls; I fell in love with everyone of them. It was wonderful to see how enough food, love and a safe place to live can transform a child. They transformed me. The girls are a beam of light in a very scary place.
Kathy Fisette, Potter Valley, California
Being a volunteer for Hearthstone and RMOF was definitely a rewarding experience. My sister and I brought 2 guitars to Haiti and we spent countless hours teaching the children new songs and some of them even learned how to play a few guitar chords. The girls were extremely thankful for not only their home, but each other. They treat each other like sisters and they help build each other up. Their eagerness to learn and their passion for life was truly inspiring. I gained so much respect for the mommies who care for these lovely girls and teach them how to love God. I have no doubt that each of these girls will grow up to be an amazing woman. I feel privileged to have met them.
Joana Bay,
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