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Reveil Martinal Orphanage Foundation

In January 2010, a devastating earthquake hit Haiti causing destruction and a substantial loss of life. A team of medical volunteers from Ukiah Valley Medical Center left on the first mission to provide care to the people of Haiti. The team also had an additional goal of finding and providing relief to an orphanage.

Our team found the Reveil Matinal Orphanage of 20 girls. This orphanage had been in existence for 6 years and was run by the Reveil Matinal Orphanage Foundation (RMOF), based in New York City. Charlucie Jaboin the president of RMOF was thrilled and relieved to create a partnership with Hearthstone Village.  See the video abut our journey to Haiti after the earthquake.

In 2010 the girls were in an unsafe location. They did not have consistent adequate nutrition, and the staff was untrained. Hearthstone made a commitment to support the safety, psychosocial, nutritional, and educational needs of the children.  Visit the RMOF Website

New Land for the Orphanage in Haiti

In 2013 we increased our numbers to twenty-three girls, including two toddlers.

In 2014, Hearthstone Village, in Partnership with RMOF, constructed a new orphanage complex in Haiti for the children of the Reveil Matinal Orphanage. The new complex includes a residence for the children and staff, vocational school, playground, small clinic, guest accommodation, solar power, clean drinking water and space for a garden and animals. Owning the facility and growing food will create a more sustainable situation and provide educational and social opportunities that will carry these girls, as well as the ones that follow, into a brighter future.

Local Mendocino County Volunteers go to Haiti

Hearthstone sends a volunteer team to Haiti almost every month. We send teachers, gardeners, students, social workers, medical personnel, artists, contractors and more. Each team has an opportunity to play with the girls, assess their needs and complete a project.

Our wonderful volunteer community has also given clothes, food and money to help sustain the orphanage. We also have an education sponsorship program to finance the expenses of educating each child.

Since we began supporting the girls, they have moved to a safe home, their nutrition has improved and they are becoming educated. The staff has had trainings as well. The girls are happy and live in a loving environment. We still have many challenges but we have also had amazing success.

Join Our Volunteers

It is going to take a village to support these children into a healthy adulthood. Join our team. Volunteers are needed to love, feed, teach, play and garden. We also need organizers, builders, and fundraisers. We need your support. Financial donations are also a way to contribute to providing care, education and shelter for the girls.

Thank you for your interest. We look forward to hearing from you. — The Board of Hearthstone Village

The Health Clinic in El Cardonal, Baja California Sur

Tu Hogar en El Cardonal A.C. is a Mexican non-profit civil association that is in partnership with Hearthstone Village. Volunteers built and manage a community center which includes a public clinic and emergency shelter in the rural community of El Cardonal, Baja California Sur, Mexico.

Activities and Objectives of Tu Hogar en El Cardonal AC:

In October of 2011 Hearthstone Village and Tu Hogar en el Cardonal celebrated the Grand Opening of our Casa Communitaria/Community House in El Cardonal. After many years of community organizing, fundraising and volunteer labor our beautiful clinic and shelter opened to the public. Now the clinic is thriving and managed by the local community with Hearthstone Village taking a back seat role.

Hearthstone continues to have joint board meetings with ongoing projects to support the schools with book/library donations, watercolor painting classes, and supplementing transportation to the new high school in Los Barrilles. We are developing a team of first responders that can utilize our ambulance to care for the community in emergencies. The clinic is a safe public shelter during hurricanes with storage for emergency staples to serve when the community is cut off from the outside world. Our building is under improvement with gates, a pump house, playground, and a mural in process.

Tu Hogar and Hearthstone also have a community service project to help an impoverished family with a developmentally disabled child who has complicated special needs.

Thank you for visiting our website. Please tell your friends. This is an adventure in cultural exchange and service. We are fundraising, building, and recruiting volunteers to help us begin other projects adjoining the clinic.

Read More of What Our Volunteers Have To Say!

We appreciate all of your dedication and support for the children and families in our international communities!

I visited Reveille Matinal for the first time in late July, 2013. What impressed me about those 23 girls living together was their exuberance, their generosity, affection and kindness with each other. They pitch in and help, both with chores and with each other. The staff was very warm and welcoming. The “mamas” were lovely and thoughtful—also playful and always helpful. The men staff, “papas”, were very polite and considerate. Overall the atmosphere is one of a nurturing and supportive family.
Suzanne Farris, Ukiah, California
I was involved with the Hearthstone Mexico project in el Cardonal beginning in 2000 to look at possible sites and to meet with the people to determine the greatest need in that area. The people of el cardonal and nearby towns determined that a health clinic was a priority. Now many years later, the clinic is complete and the medical service that it provides to the community is enhanced by relationships that have been built over years through the positive intercultural exchange of resources. I am always grateful to return to the familiar in El Cardonal.
Shauna Heiselt, Willits, California
El Cardinal, Baja Mexico”]It is an honor for me to be a volunteer with Hearthstone Village and Tu Hogar en El Cardonal A.C. since the work began. We have seen improvements in our village and people being helped. We have a completed building that serves as a clinic and other uses for the community. We have purchased a vehicle to transport school students from El Cardonal to Los Barriles. I am thankful for the support that is given to our schools with books, painting classes, cleaning campaigns and donations for people in need.
Lucero Búrquez,
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